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Setting Achievable Goals for a Successful Year Ahead

What will your year be about? 

In the New Year it is customary to set lofty goals. Often times by the end of January we find ourselves off track or unenthusiastic about what we originally set out to do. Why does this happen? And how can we finally win at our goals? 

First of all, I would like to challenge you to ask yourself why did you even set that goal? It may have been out of habit or a mindset that you have to do something it’s the New Year after all. It is estimated that 80% of people do not stick to their new years goals thru January and as little as 8% continue with them throughout the year. Why is this? 

I am not sure what it is for you but I am going to share why that is for me and perhaps you can relate. 

I have found that over the years I have perpetuated a cycle of always having to go for something new or different. There is actually a scientific reason for this because when we experience novelty our brain actually produces endorphins, feel good hormones. However, if you’re constantly chasing something new you may have a rollercoaster of positive emotions from the initial burst of endorphins then a slump in negative emotions because you don’t actually achieve anything long lasting which is where the real magic happens. I am not sure if this has ever happened to you, but for me I often find that in my fitness journey I often try to bounce around from spin to crossfit to high intensity training and I almost did it again this new year. Instead I have decided to stick with what I have been doing strength training at Starting Strength twice a week and Orange Theory and then instead of just chasing a new shiny fitness class I am actually trying to see how I can improve in these classes I have already been doing for awhile. I am using this same approach for my diet. Instead of trying the latest diet fad or skinny shake I am going to focus on increasing my protein intake and finding foods I like and are good for me. The truth is most fitness classes and diets work if you stay consistent with them. I am focusing on not falling into the trap of needing to do something new all the time and instead focusing on being persistent and a little more gritty. 

Another thing that has been helpful for me is to reestablish why I want something because without a strong connection to your purpose for your goal it will be difficult to achieve anything. I have been into exercising for awhile and overtime I got disconnected from why I even did it or liked it, it became just another thing I needed to do. As humans many things get like this a job we once loved, a hobby, a relationship. This is why it is important to spend time reflecting on things occasionally so that we can ensure we have a solid connection to our reason for participating in any given activity. It will be a lot easier to stick with something if you periodically reestablish your motivation behind it. 

I invite you to spend time writing down your goals and hopefully after reading this you realize your goals don’t have to be a new fitness fad or something new just for the sake of trying something new. Instead pick things that are meaningful and excited over time. Bonus points if you make a goal to develop more frequent friend and/or family time, this activity is proven to help you live longer and happier. Take it a step further by sharing your goals with someone close this will improve your odds of sticking with it. 

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